New in here in the Outernet :-)

Hello everybody, I am new in here and my name is Wolfgang. The Geniatech receiver arrived yesterday and the dish is pointing to Eutelsat Hotbird 13E. Further equipment is a Raspi B+ with ORxPi0.28, a 64 GB-USB-stick and a TP-Link 722WN WiFi stick. I positioned the 80cm-dish by the means of a satellite receiver, where the Outernet-signal is indicated in the “radio”-list. I live in the vicinity of Cologne in Germany.
Everything works fine, the set shows in the settings page: Signal 61, Quality 0.04, Signal lock: Yes, Receiving Data: Yes, Bitrate 90.36 Kbps.
I am impressed, that everything works, and the storage starting to fill up with data.

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I love it when people say that things work just fine! (It’s taken us a long time to get here :wink:

Thanks for your interest and support. Please feel free to suggest ways to improve the service. And also feel free to contribute to the code base.