New Installation in Eastern Tennessee

Hello all Matt9876 here, retired sat. installer from East Tennessee.

Mated the LNBF to an old DirecTV phase III dish for a good signal of plus 6.5 - 7 on the dream catcher board.

Noticed Chrome browser performs best on Android phones and Windows 10 accessing Skylark. Best navigation of the file system and HTML files.

Having trouble getting the radio selection to run with out stalling every few minutes.

Use to run Omni-Com BBS in the 80s, Othernet needs a friendly 128 character chat/message service to send one way messages from the Internet to the Othernet.
Use an AI bot to keep it clean and maybe run it from this forum of registered users.
Example of how this could be useful in the real world, someone who works in the city can message someone at home using the dream catcher.

I will do more in the future, working right now to batch convert news and Wikipedia files to JPG files so the articles can be viewed from my ROKU hard drive on the main living room TV.

Good day All.

Hi Matt - - welcome to the community. Take a look at the WIKI on the top of the page to come up to speed on Othernet’s operation. Ken