New L-Bank kit user with Raspberry Pi 3 but signal very weak?


Is my LNA faulty ? My signal so weak ? It took quite long to get any signal also

I received my kit yesterday, I am using the same satellite in Europe as you (I am in The Netherlands). The SNR you are seeing is about the same I am maximal seeing here. If you look at the satellite foodprint on the world map, my location is between the most outer full circle and the dotted circle, so I fear that I do need a dish here…

Oh, do you receive files ok ? Im in South Africa

I tried dish before also but signal not strong enough, was not receiving files at al

Well with a SNR from 2.4 it is very difficult to receive files. From your screen dump I see you have a fix, as I have but not percistent. I did see a file starting to come in, but it never finished. I will leave my receiver running for 24 hours and see if anything comes through at all. But I fear the signal is just too weak.

Looking at the footprint image reception in South Africa should be strong enough as you seem to be well within the solid circles of the foodprint…

Good luck, i will try align better again

Good luck to you too. Please post the results here if better alignement helpped

Are you using the E4000 SDR?

I use the stick that comes with the Outernet kit… I think that is not a E4000…

I think it is. Is it this one? Don’t think there’s any official statement but it seems like this E4000 dongle has issues. I’m having way better luck with the RTL-SDR dongle and a few others’ issues with this E4000 dongles were solved by switching to that one.

OK, thanks for the hint, will look into that.

Got a RTL-SDR stick, but I could not get a proper fix with that stick, do I need to adapt some settings or so?

Meanwhile, I notice it is very hard to get a stable fix anyway. With lots of effort I get a S/N in between 3 and 4 DB, but the signal is not stable. I noticed I can improve the signal just a little using aluminum foil on strategic places in the neighborhood of the receiver. Apparently, this provides shielding against local disturbances.

If you have access to a Windows PC you might try to remove CHIP from your setup and plug the RTL-SDR dongle into your PC. Using SDR# you can monitor the actual spectrum, you might have local EMI signals as you suggested.

Also if you have possibility to move out of the city to a less noisy environment with the setup that could be a good test too.

If you have an Android device this program can help finding AlphaSat precisely on the sky:

If you can show a picture of your actual setup we might can help more on this.

excellent sugestions Zoltran, will try that: in fact both suggestions are much worth trying!!!

You should see something like this in SDR#, the below spectrum screenshot taken in Budapest, using Outernet setup: