New SDR Radio Receiver Titus II (Android phone with SDR receiver)

PantronX has announced a new SDR receiver that sounds very similar to everything Outernet is working on. The Titus II is a Android tablet combined with a SDR (software defined radio dongle) stuck in a 1980’s style boom box.

According to the website the device is priced at $100 and is expected to start pre-production 4Q 2016 for general availability in Q1 2017.

The idea is that with an Android application this radio could be an all in one radio for everything. Using SDR you could have a shortwave radio, air traffic radio, AM/FM, TV, CB, pretty much anything (…that SDR and an Android app can be programmed to decode.) With an Android this device has SD storage, ability to turn into a wifi hotspot, save and share files and all other standard android features.

Certainly, this sounds similar to the light house. I am not sure if the antenna would be strong or sensitive enough to pick up the signals. Technical specs aren’t my strong suit, and I did not see a lot listed but I wonder if this might be set up to receive outernet?

I was hoping someone with a strong technical background -who is smarter than me- might comment on the possibilities.

I didn’t see any RF specs. Well, not that provided any real information. I’m guessing that it won’t have a TCXO, LNA, or SAW filter for L-band reception–but it does have an external jack. I’m sure that we’ll eventually product an Android app.