New SES-2/North America Frequency: 12058.1 MHz

The frequency is changing now. Please tune to 12058.1 MHz if you are receiving from SES-2.

We are back on at this frequency.

We are about 3 dB lower than before. I was told that there was a miscalculation made on our previous contract and the current power level is what we should have been at all along. Sad panda.

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Changes made on Dreamcatcher V3.05 and signal back. Looking good. Ken


… having i little issue getting the new frequency entered in to the dreamcatcher 4 where when i convert the mhz to Hz which gives me 12058100000 then enter the number it comes back with a crazy incorrect number of 4294967295 what am i doing wrong here…

Sat down at my computer and looked over at my DC and did not see a packet heart beet. Thought I had to go out and clean some snow off the dish - but when I got out there barely any snow on it. Then I checked here. Changed the frequency and back online.

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Are you entering it as 12.0581 ?

no this is the dreamcatcher 4

For Dreamcatcher 4, please subtract the LO value of your LNB.

Got it thanks for the needed info Syed with the bullseye lnb that i have in use

Changed up to the new freq, all is working well. Lower signal, but acceptable.

Is it exactly 3 lower than before?

Speaking of SNR here. It may vary slightly, but mine was averaging about +7 most days including this morning, and today after the frequency change appears to be averaging about +4. I have seen it on the old frequency as high as +9 at times, but running in comparison with @kenbarbi, the fluctuations have been uniform in both his unit and mine. Ken’s SNR usually runs 2.5 to 3 higher than mine (dish antenna size differences, etc), but normally track linearly up or down. Rssi is running -67 for mine, Ken at -70 currently. Not a big change there.

If you have a Bullseye LNB, I “think” the setting on Dreamcatcher 4 prototype should be 2308100000 to start with. Not that mine (with Dish 500 dish) is working yet, but I am getting Packets with CRC and Header errors. -15 SNR and -79 RSSI. (was +3 to +7 SNR before change.)

@BillMc If you were previously getting +3 for SNR, then my guess is that there is a bit of frequency offset. Can you trying changing the frequency +/- in 10 kHz increments?

I finally found the signal at:
2308260000 (calculated 2308100000)
1 to 2 dB SNR and -75 RSSI. Thanks…I just had to be persistent.