New user, gathering infos and searching for a unit

Hi all, i am a radioamateur operator from Italy, i already have a 85cm parabolic dish and a bullseye LNB that i am currently using for QO100 (Es’Hail2) DVB-S2 TX/RX. I just dipped my toe into Othernet and it looks appealing to me, i would like to explore more the net and to understand better what it is.
My questions are:
is there a way to get a dreamcatcher unit without waiting biblical time?
is there a guide that explain in details all the net?

Also, i am very experienced with satellites and GHz tx/rx and i also have an Adalm Pluto, i was wondering if i can use that as “dreamcatcher”.

I also saw in some posts that the protocol is APRS, i used it in 144MHz quite often back in the days so i guess it’s the same that you guys are using here.

thanks to everyone will answer and sorry for my english, probably full of errors :slight_smile:


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There is a nice gentleman in Italy who is also an amateur operator and user of the new DreamCatcher board, you may wish to contact @iw0hjz Alberto. I have included his info here so that he will see these posts.

@Mechavashtron @iw0hjz
There is a User’s Guide in the above WiKi

that explains the setup/operation of the existing Dreamcatcher v3.05. That device is not sold anymore, but some Forum members may have spares they might provide you. @Syed Syed is working very hard to get the next generation Dreamcatcher out to users, but until it becomes available, there is no User Guide for it. Ken

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Hi Lorenzo, nice to see you here , any info you need via email [email protected]

new year with othernet, maybe??
hny ciao alberto

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In theory, yes, but in practice I’m not sure it’s possible. You’ll need a bias-tee, but since you are already working QO100, I’m sure you have one. The tricky part is demodulating LoRa in software. I have not tried it, but I think @caveman99 has played around with this and he said it was a mess.

From what I’ve read, this is the most useful LoRa software demodulator.

There is also this code, which you may be interested in.

Decoding Lora with something other than the Semtech chips works in the Lab, but not in real life. the SDR RX stages are not designed to cope with signals at -10dBm…