Newbie Outernet on RPI


Just put an outernet receiver together on an RPI 3. And it’s running fine, Now I understand that in order to use Skylark I need a CHIP board flashed with your software. How long can I keep going with the 3.1 image?

I am reluctant to switch because buying from your store is so extremely cost inefficient for me. First there are shipping costs and second since you explicitly mention the value of goods custom fee’s. That way the patch antenna ended up costing me around $ 80. Luckily I could get the LNA from Amazon Germany for the regular price.

Are you going to make your products available through European resellers soon?

You could order a separate CHIP board somewhere else and flash it yourself… these things should
be so cheap you don’t pay customs fee even when they are rightly declared.
I ordered a full kit but the indicated value on the package was $10 instead, so I did not get
a customs invoice. Not that I encourage that kind of thing…

Could you encourage your favorite European electronics shop to contact us about being a reseller? I have no desire for our website to be the only source of our products.