Newbie questions & ideas

Hi everyone, my dreamcatcher 2.03 is finally working. I love outernet idea in general. I also code (websites in python/ javascript). I would like to ask few questions:

  1. How to create requests for example of the RSS feed? I love Bitcoin as well so what should I do if I want to add for example’s RSS feed? Where is voting?

  2. I checked Skylark’s git repo but I’m still confused. I need some advices where to start. I would like to code for example Bitcoin price ticker/ universal “dashboard” maybe. Some kind of timeline of the downloaded files would be great as well.

I’ve just noticed that someone uploaded original Bitcoin whitepaper - 2017-03-27.Bitcoin A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.html to the Community Content/Requests. Can I create requests as well?

Just out of curiosity - how many Bitcoin fans is it in here? Sadly I don’t own any but I’m huge fan. I was mining back in the 2015 as hobby but I sold every single satoshi which I mined :frowning:

Not sure about the requests, but I did some mining as well. I got out of it with a bit of a profit after realizing most of the mining hardware makers were scamming their customers by pushing back release dates and I assume this is because they were running the devices in-house while it was still profitable before shipping them… Sold all coin and hardware back when it was $1k/BTC was fun while it was profitable, now there’s no point to mining anymore, it will cost you more money in electricity with the difficulty so high. Haven’t gotten back into it since then.

I Love Bitcoins
the bad part is I jumped on the Bitcoin Train Too Late i think…