Next iteration?

When do you think you might be shipping the next iteration of the lantern? I’m kind of wishing i’d taken an Alpha unit…

There is a wiring harness issue to work through, but if that is something you’d like to help us tackle, then I can send you an Alpha2.

Syed, would it worthwhile for me to buy an Alpha 2 when it is available?

What changed features/improvements would it have over the Alpha Lantern I now have? Ken

It will only be worth it after I solve the interference issue related to the internal cabling. The changes between 1 and 2 are:

  • Clear polycarbonate case
  • Solar panel with cutoff switch
  • Spring-loaded button
  • Different LNA
  • Data connection from USB port
  • Charging battery from USB port

Why have you changed the LNA?

Will you also be doing the no solar panel version?

One reason is that the new LNA is completely our own and manufactured locally (Chicago). We informed the design of the NewElec LNA, but the new one is ours through and through. We have a follow on design that provides even better noise figure performance.

The no solar version will likely be a different product completely, which is in advanced stages of development.