Next Thing announces shippments starting for CHIP Computers

I have had a (backup) CHIP computer on order since Jan10, 2017. They said when I ordered it they would be shipping by March 1st, which has obviously come and gone.

Today I received the following:
Back-orders are estimated to begin shipping on April 15th, 2017! Due to the number of back-orders, it may take a few weeks for your order to be fulfilled. Our shipping partner can only ship so many orders per day.

So perhaps there is hope for getting my backup CHIP and also hope the DIY Kits can start shipping again soon.

I also received this email. Unfortunately I ordered mine in the middle of march so I probably wont get mine until the end of may.

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I just hope Syed gets his really quickly. He needs them worse than both of us :slight_smile:

About 4 months after I ordered one. Was able to find RPI 0 W in under a month after it came out.

I got the same e-mail!. I was beginning to think cancel my order,
Now we may get a better updated one. Hope it will still work!

I just got an email that the CHIP I ordered in December 2016 is shipping from Hong Kong and I should be getting it in about 2 weeks.

<sigh…> Since I ordered mine in January, I suppose I have another month to wait.

Hi mtnman,
I did my purchase Jan. 17,2017 and as of today (Aug. 28 2017) I still did not received mine.
I send an email and they still have difficulties to get and send it.

I’ll wait since this is just a backup C.H.I.P.

I might use it for something else when I receive it (ACARS) …

Have a great one!

I have thrown in the towel with the waiting and have canceled my order. It took a week to get the refund. These folks are seriously not prepared to do business.

I think from the answers I gathered that they waiting for the manufacturer to send the shipment and then they sending it to us.

If the manufacturer doesn’t see the importance of Next Thing company, they just send whatever they have.

The Next Thing Co. can’t send if they don’t have anything, therefore we get angry to them because we paid to them.

I feel bad for them since they don’t have any control over it.

I’ll know it for the next time they come up with a new “Toy” and don’t expect to receive it too fast.

As long mine work, I can wait since this is a backup, have a great one!

I also feel sorry for them, however it seems they should have at least warned potential customers there might be a delay in delivering the CHIP. Holding customer funds for seven to eights months cannot be justified.