No content in Library

Ben, we are still not seeing any content added to the Library:

In the files section we see the Weekly downloads and Bundles:

I can’t open any of the bundles after I download them. Ken

Bundles are test files for an upcoming feature. There is an alpha image on dropbox if you want to try:

Which file is it in on the Lighthouse directory? Ken


Thank you - - I’ll try it. Ken

The new Lighthouse Version outernet-rx-2.5a2 works very well.

Right after boot up, I displayed 80 new articles that came out of a new file called News. These must have been what was in Bundles before. The Bundles file is no longer shown.

Now I am displaying content in the Library under the Pages tab…

You other folks out there might want to try it too. Ken


.bundle opens with Windows Phone.
But only the html.

It’s really slick the way a file opens up completely with all the images. I don’t have to open the file in a separate browser tab and can quickly close the file with a single click!

I don’t know if Branko has an ORxPi Version, but check for an ORxPi version 2.5a2 Ken

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Yeah, there’s a 2.5a2 for ORx as well here:

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Btw, .bundle files are simple zip files with extension renamed to .bundle.

But the 2.5a2 does such a nice job opening them in the Library now. Thanks for all your effort. Ken