No data from 25e (Europe)

Hi, I have seen no data from the bird at 25E since 43 minutes past midnight this morning ( 18th June 2017)
Is it just me?

I have around 4db of SNR ( which is normal)

Same for me here over in Germany.

I hope it’s not the server again… :wink:


yeah I hope not!!!
What about it @Syed ?

Since there is still frame lock, the uplink is ok. No known issues at the teleport, but need to look further into this.

Thanks mate :slight_smile:
I feel, information starved!! LOL! :slight_smile:

any news on the cause of this? Still locked still no data :frowning:

Same here in USA on 98W. No data since 2 days but no lost packets.

As soon as I figured out how to enable the correct SMA connector an bias power, I was receiving files from alphasat yesterday, mainly news articles and a few messages. I also got weather data, but they are not displayed om the weather app.
I was running my DreamCatcher on a garden table from a power bank to have it in the clear and the power ran out about midnight :slight_smile:

The frequency is 3khz of on mine though…

I suspect it it just sending the same stuff over & over again now…

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Same here in Paraguay on 98w since yesterday, receiving packets but no files downloaded.

Must be old Data.Also got nothing new so far here over in Germany.


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Nothing new here on Americas 98W in Washington, DC, since 7:05:38 PM 17 June. It is now 1700 EDT (2100 CTC) 20 June 2017. Ken

thanks Ken,
i almost thought i broke it

Ok, I can now confirm, that I get the same files again I got from yesterday from alphasat. Most of them with a timestamp from 17 and 18. June. Also weather did not get updated yet. So it looks like something is stuck in a loop.

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Hmm, now the signal is completely gone? Can’t get a lock since about 12:00 CEST.

I still get lock on 25E.
Maybe it is time to re-purpose the receiver :frowning:
@syed can you give any indication of why transmissions have stopped… It it down for the long term ( until you get your new lower bandwidth thing happening at least?)

Ok, probably something went wrong with the heat today here in switzerland and the antenna being in plain sun. After cooling down, I get a lock again.
Btw, is there an official way to configure a frequency correction for the RTL chip? Mine ist 3kHz off. Maybe this makes it hard for the decoder to lock on the signal.

Still no new data on Americas 98 W in Washington - - time now is 2047 UTC (1647 EDT) 21 June -1st day of Summer :yum:


Nothing new since 3 days on 98w in south america … wait is no problem … as long as you know how much … in fact I understand that everything is surely due to the changes they are making, but … let’s go !! Give some answer to calm the anxious like me … Thanks

Yes!!Yes!! 98w data Ist Working again !!! :sunglasses: