No data, just packets

Now that I have all hardware working again, why do I see d508-Bangladesh.html.tbz2 stuck at 68% all day long? Am I supposed to do something? Like log off, login, shut down, re-burn SD, or what? Surely not going to touch the hardware any more. Good SNR and packets counting, but I guess no data coming down.

I’m getting the same results.

I setup mine last night and it did download two APRS files.

This morning it showed the same file d508-Bangladesh.html.tbz2 also stalled at 68%.

I rebooted mine and it now shows to be getting packets, but not downloading any files…

Here is a copy and paste of the output on the tuner settings page. I hope the formatting doesn’t chew it up too badly.

Selected frequency
1539.87 MHz

        Offset from selected frequency
        -645.85 Hz
        Symbol rate
        4200 Hz
        -119.35 dBm
        6.36 dB
        Symbol error rate
        Received packet count
        Packet failure count
        Algorithmic peak-to-mean ratio
        Signal state

Same problem with that particular file (Bangladesh). It went to 98%, then seems to be locked up.
Wonderful gain at 7+, though it started out very low with the initial test at 0.04.
The system seems to have compensated. After a hard reset, the system is still stuck on that Bangladesh file, with no packets moving, the SNR is stil at 6-7. Does anyone suppose that I need to do another reset? There’s a bit of frost on the patch antenna this morning, which may account for the lack of reception. I suspect it is detuned because of it. Still, it did work through the night in sub-zero temps, so I seem to be stress testing it. We’ll see if things come back online properly when the frost melts, or sublimates.

While I was typing my post, I see that a file did start doanloading. dd07-Batman.html.tbz2

I think I just need to be more patient. All part of the fun of tech that is still in development.

Well, check this morning. I’m getting a Batman download right now, no sticking yet! But who knows, Bangladesh may be lurking for a bad hair day!

You’re right about that. I need to be more patient too.

Batman doesn’t stick around. Superb download!

Just be patient guys, the outernet satellite is not like a server with some file that are waiting for us to download.
The outernet satelite simply relays real time data that are transimitted from the outernet base station to the satelite and us in the other side waiting for what is transimitted and download them at real time.
Take it as you are listenin to live FM radio, you cant actually forward to get more songs when the current song stopped playing nor can you fast forward unless the stream was buffered first.

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