No data

Hi Guys,

Since 3 days i get no data anymore? Locatie Europe.

We are working on that sorry for the problems

Should be fixed.

Works fine now :slight_smile:

hi, from 12,00 europe time no more data… is it only my problem?

@Syed ?

Checking on this.

Update from teleport:

There is something wrong with the teleport side TX. There is no carrier visible on the spectrum. Attempted restarting the BUC on the uplink antenna by power cycle but this didn’t help. Engineer on duty at the teleport will be checking physically the antenna and TX chain and we will update you as soon as we will have any news.

Actually, they confirmed that their own equipment is functioning, so it looks like our server/modem at the teleport is the issue.

Looks like we are back up.

And back down. This might take a week to fix, as we need to send new equipment to the teleport.

Thank 4 info. bad weather, here in italy, so I’m always worry about my setup.


BTW could you please update us on your to-do’s for the Othernet? And when we might see one or some implemented.