No internet despite good connection

So I am new to this thing, but after wrestling with reciver I got it to lock on a signal with average 7SNR
Rossi is -113.88. Frequency 1539.87 and frequency offset is -1320. Packets received are 100%. I have limited connection on my wifi and can’t access google or anything else. Skylark comes with no search and no weather or full Wikipedia. It’s likes it’s there but no to slow connection. No internet

I live in Vancouver Canada and locked to North America satellite

Read and you find the reason why Google will not work…
Why do People not read the whole stuff before they order it.

I don’t understand. I read that content when I order it. It promises on demand free internet access by radio wave through satellite to create a wifi hot spot. But there is no internet despite following instructions. Is there another device that I got to get? Be less criptic

After digging in forums I have found an answer

Thank you for your interest in Outernet. Actually you can’t connect to the Internet using Outernet. Outernet is a one way data-cast from satellite to your receiver. However you can get similar contents in Internet using Outernet such as WiKi pages, Tweets, MP3 music, MP4 videos, News

That is a much better answer than your post. But it’s ok, I am sure you tried

The news report video I saw about this service was deceptive. Will ask for refund

I follow the outernet stuff from the ‘beginning’ and never, never i have seen the promises that we have internet access.
So let us know where we can read this promises.

Yes, we try very hard to clearly state that we are a broadcast service. This is why we recently changed the description to “packet radio”. I don’t believe we use the work “internet” anywhere on the main website or store.

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I also don’t understand why all these people are to stupid to understand that OUTERNET ist not INTERNET.
Even the name OUTERNET should be enough to understand that it is not the INTERNET.

I see so many post that are about that topic. every time i ask myself if they are to dump or just to lazy to read the text on the outernet homepage.

The principal of Outernet is mentioned all around the website and there is even this img that shows that it is NOT INTERNET in a way that is easy to understand.

@Heman90210 You ask for a Refund, because where to dump to understand the principal and just bought it? And english is even your first language as an canadian…what?! PS: Outernet NEVER promised that it is an exess to the Internet. Just look at the img above…

@on4bgc I’m asking me the exact same question EVERY time

Sorry to everybody for that small rage. I try to be nice all the time, but i just don’t get how stupid these people are acting.

regards from Germany,

PS: Manuel.setRageMode(false);


you can pick one of the packages from this list for real sat internet:

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Have to say that in most situations I’m actually impressed with the patience displayed to posters who obviously have no idea what the Outernet is intended to accomplish or the general concepts, in spite of plenty of excellent descriptive info on the Outernet site.

A couple of years ago I became fascinated by the use of the Raspberry Pi for various radio related projects. I was low on the learning curve but began reading a lot, hung around various groups and forums, and was generally able to resolve most issues on my own. When I truly got perplexed people were always willing to lend a hand. For the most part it’s easy to tell if someone has at least tried to do their homework.

Even before reading this current exchange, I had been wondering if there might be a practical way to require reading an FAQ before any posting is possible. Or as some sites have done, have certain topics/threads labeled as “beginner” or some way so it would be possible to minimize the “noise” level on the Forum. Does seem as if a lot of energy is expended repeating the obvious.

Please share the source of the “news report video” you saw.

Here’s a typical offender:

The web is full of these low-info clickbait “tech review” sites whose “reviewers” have technical prowess at the level of someone who struggles to understand how a flashlight really works. They’re usually more of the “My nephew Billy who’s good with computers” type for whom installing a new mouse takes less than three hours of surfing other forums to find out how. And they like to see and listen to themselves on Youtube.

That’s the point. If some one doesen’t understands something, he will get help from me and an other poster here without an problem.

But people that not even read on the Outernet website for a signle minute are just anoying.

The FAQ idea could be tool to help reducing the number of these post i think.


A possible solution is that before you can order it, you must accept that outernet is not internet…

Maybe you write this also on the home and other Pages

Even you can write that outernet is not a car .:oncoming_automobile:

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New Slogans:

OUTERNET - Not internet, but also cool :sunglasses:

OUTERNET - Not a bus, and not the Internet

OUTERNET - It’s not Internet, but better than nothing

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I heard about outernet from Al Jazeera. It promised a internet for the poor. Said it will allow you to get music and video news,wikipedia…etc. Also no where in the outernet web site saying it’s not a browser internet. That you cant go to search engines, which I felt was implied. Also I have shown two of my friends and father this web site and they also felt the same way. They were getting ready to order when I told them that it’s doesn’t have browsing, Maybe they are stupid too eh? Also most of the links on outernet website is down, preventing you from learning more about the products or technology. Not saying this is a bad product, just Not what I expected

Also would have loved to see any of those sarcastic slogans before I bought the product, would have saved my self time and money. Thx Troll

Sorry to you, but your friends seem to be also stupid :wink:

Also im not a troll by any means. But i see so many people that ask such stupid questions and i answered many of them on the forum. I have also bought the Outernet DIY Kit at the end of last year and i’m very happy with it.

If you go to and click on details in the main menu, you get all the informations about Outernet, including the mentioned img that shows exactly how it works.

Outernet IS the Internet for the poor. It delivers informations from around the world for under $100 any where on the planet earth. Videos over Outernet are planned (as far as i know) and you get Wikipedia articles, audio files and News RIGHT NOW.

On the image is not a single arrow that points backwards, that would represent the flow of information from the user to outernet (Upload). Without that, there is no way it can function like the Internet. Or for older people: It’s a phone without a microphone / phone line with only one wire / phone line without a line wire that goes back to the person that calls you.



" Also no where in the outernet web site saying it’s not a browser internet. That you cant go to search engines, which I felt was implied."

How so?

The very first description on the site Home page is, “Outernet offers a Do-it-yourself L-Band receiver kit”

Key words here are, “Kit” and “Receiver”, neither of which imply a ready made bi-directional communication system or Internet terminal.

OUTERNET - Not for the faint of mind

As for the site links being down, I just did a quick check of the first several pages and indeed, the “Filecast - How It Works” page appears to be down. The Filecast description there may be worded in a manner that implies video, audio and other content might be available or the ability to send such to a local cache is there. Nowhere does it imply Internet browser functionality or performance. To your credit, the wording may be somewhat “Forward thinking”, as this is and is described as a work in progress.

However, these are the key pages you and your friends should have read:

Maybe you need better Internet, more patience, a sprinkle of focus, and less of an itchy credit card finger?


Where is it claimed Outernet is Internet or has a Internet browser?

OUTERNET - Weather Maps without the annoying person in front of them

OUTERNET - Not all Doom™ and gloom

OUTERNET - Like a cheese sandwich that gets texts from the International Space Station

OUTERNET - Beat those no bars blues

OUTERNET - All that and a bag of CHIPS

OUTERNET - Read news or wok the dog, with no popups. And it’s free.

OUTERNET - Better than North Korean Internet

OUTERNET - More secure than Hillary’s email



OUTERNET - Often confused with Internet. It’s not.