No lock, just Const Lock

I can’t get my outernet working again. Equipment used: chip computer, E4000 dongle, active patch antenne ,lna…all parts came from Outernet. It did work for quite some time, but now: no luck. The lock state says: Const Lock (whatever this means)…Lock:no…No packets are received.
I have flashed my chip again with Skylark 4.4, i have tried some other E4000 dongles, an a dongle with bias tee


Any help will be appreciated. Frank

Outernet experiencing some service outage, please check here:

Which’s continent are you located?

Hi Zoltan,
Thanks for your reply
Continent is Europe, so Alphasat 25E is my number…and I don’t have a dreamcatcher (yet), just a simple C.H.I.P

Looks like EU receivers don’t have frame lock yet:

Hm, that could explain my problem I guess, so I’ll wait for a while then.
Thanks again.