No more lock in Europa


it works again

Seems like its off again :frowning:

We are looking into this.

It’s back up.

Jup Works great now, thanks :slight_smile:

no signal over europe.

Looking into it.

it is working, good. tnx

I have received my DC board yesterday, but have been able to receive only audio so far. (Astra 3, EU). The reference station on shows the same. During non-audio times there is simply no data packets coming in. Does something need to be restarted, @Syed ?

I looked at Wolfgang’s terminal and agree there are no files being transmitted - - just audio. Pretty sure it’s a head end issue for Syed to work out. Your setup is probably fine. Ken

Yes, looking into it.

As an aside, Caveman99, you can take a look at your “What’s New” App tab

to what’s been coming in, and will discover not much since about Sep 14th. Ken


Apparently , the “what’s new” app is empty for me, cause I only got the board yesterday in the mail. Been fiddling with it since, blaming reception problems at first. Doesn’t help if theres no lock at all for prolongued periods of time when there’s no audio coming in :slight_smile:

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It looks like Syed has it fixed. Mine and Ken’s are up-to-date within the last ten minutes now.

Correction: I was not looking at the Euro station. Europe appears to be as stated on Ken’s post above.

It’s working now.

Looking good! Thanks, Syed!

Thanks, all working fine now.

Unfortunately the same thing happened again. Last message is dated 00:55 CET tonight. Audio is coming in.

EDIT: back up again 10:53 CET

bump to @Syed