No positive SNR

Hello. I just purchased two units (both housed in the new black boxes). I have clear sky access from an open south window and can pull in 8+ SNR on the first unit I received. On the 2nd unit, in the same position and same power source, I can barely get anything over 0.23 SNR.

Everything was replicated in exactness but the SNR will not increase to anything resembling an acceptable level.

What can be done to remedy the problem?


Hi @Zadim Can you remove the components from the black plastic packaging? I know it looks like a case, but it’s really just a replacement for the cardboard box that was previously used (and still sometimes is). After pulling the components out and making sure all of the connections are tight, do you still see a low/no SNR?

Thanks for the info on the box.

I removed both units and checked connections.

Powered both up. The problematic unit brought only 0.43 SNR
The functional unit brought 9.03 SNR.

Same alignment in both cases.


One thing I noticed between the two units, on the problem unit, whenever I initially connect to Skylark 4.4 the tuner tab shows location of West Africa / Europe whereas the working unit always indicates America automatically.

Aha! Please change the satellite from EU to Americas. That should solve your problem (assuming you are in the US).

No aha moment yet quite yet …

I have to change it each time I connect, although Canada shares a lot of European traits, their satellite isn’t one of them, so I select America each time.

I mentioned it because the functioning unit recalls which region I am in, the non-functioning unit doesn’t.

That’s really strange. Can you confirm the software version on the non-functioning unit?


I will return the defective unit and either you can fix it or replace it.

Seems the only practical solution.

Sure, that’s fine. All I need is the CHIP.