NOOBS 1.3.10+ has no Arch, where to find older version

Just a heads-up for people building receivers: The latest version of NOOBS no longer has Arch Linux ARM, which was the only distro that could handle some of the newer tuners. The version 1.3.9 did have Arch Linux ARM, and we currently suggest using that:

Arch Linux itself is a rolling release, so once it’s installed, you’ll be able to update it to the latest version simply by performing the system update:

pacman -Sy
pacman -Su

I know that NOOBS LITE from the Raspberry Pi website (under Downloads) still contains Arch Linux ARM. The wget package isn’t automatically included and needs to be installed (pacman -S wget), but everything else works!

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i just downloaded 1.3.10 and i have the option for arch linux arm.

Regular or Lite? I’m pretty sure regular 1.3.10 did not have Arch ARM a few weeks ago.

I downloaded the regular. I did it from the bit torrent file on the downoads site. When i powered on the Pi i got the option for arch linux arm. Using your instruction from here and the ones from github I was able to update the kernel to the latest and greatest and install the software. when i go to my IP and port 9881 i see thr tv headend page. now all i need is the dish and the pctv 461e (on order from italy).

same here. i had to do the same thing to get wget. it wasn’t included for some reason.

it so people with a 4GB sd can use it in a raspberry pi