On the air in Central NC

So client work finally gave me enough of a break to tinker some more. I need to get a mount for the lnb to fit in the yard, so right now my setup is very portable. I got my DC3.05 last Wed. with the b/w Avenger LNB and was able to start working with it on Sat evening.

Without a cone, I was getting around -14-16db. Obviously this was no good so I took a nod from AL0I’s build on page 6 of the wiki, and cut some heavier cardboard. After wrapping it with aluminum foil and reflectix tape, I tested it again tonight and was getting -8-9db and it immediately started grabbing updates. I tested the weather, messages, and news apps about about 40 mins.

Since I’m running portable, I had gotten a uGreen 10kmAh power bank (since it supports pass-through charging and if it works, I’ve got some RPI projects in mind) and it has a battery percentage readout. I ran the DC for an hour and used about 13% of the power with the initial update grab. That’s all for tonight.


Great - - you’ll find the SNR your getting with the cone/wave guide of - 8 to - 9 dB will give you consistent results. You’re probably running bout -80 dBm on Rssi? Keep in mind you can probably move your Dreamcatcher about 50 feet away with a cable if you want to shelter and power it. Ken

Hey Ken, thanks for the tips. I’ll check the pics I took but I think the Rssi was running around 77-78. I’ve got a spot in the yard I want to test after our next couple of days of rain that should be about 40’. I think I’m going to try the wire mesh cone for the l permanent installation just because of the regular reason we get. The current plan is to attach it to a 6’ shepherd’s hook. Any thoughts on the top of wire mesh?

Wire mesh is a good idea because it has no wind resistance and won’t collect rain. There are several pictures in the Wiki you could consult such as this one made with 4" x 8" x 2" trapezoids in a wave guide form:

or this one made as a cone with similar dimensions.

Another idea you might consider is what Wolfgang did in Cologne - - he separated his LNB from his Dreamcatcher (DC) by cable and placed the DC in his shed for protection and power, then used the DC’s Wifi to get the signal into his house to look at and port forward. Jeff @jeffory_broughton has also had good success operating this way. Ken


That’s actually the plan @kenbarbi. We’re currently renting so I’m trying to keep impact on the house to a minimum while working around tree cover. 50’ it so gives me the ability to run it to an open spot in the yard and through a pass through on the window.

I’ve been up on the air for about a week now. I’ve got to bury the cable and put some cut-outs in my project box, but I’m consistently getting -9-11 dB. The reflectix take is more to cover some rough edges.

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You did good!! Keep us all posted as you Winter over. Ken

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Since I wanted to put Othernet in a go box and my wife wanted her table back, I finally had 5 mins to wrap this up until I can get a stencil to paint the name on the side.