ONDD command line calculator

Before I tell you where to access it, let me explain how this can be useful. If you are not having any luck with TVHeadend maintaining the lock, or want to ensure that lock is being maintained constantly, hacking the ONDD service to do the tuning instead of TVHE might be a good idea.

This little app will calculate the correct ONDD command that needs to be executed to lock your transponder. The interface should generally be easy to follow (I hope). If not, it’s a bug, so please complain about it here, and we’ll fix it.

One thing to note is that our documentation lists frequencies and other values in a way that is more convenient for TVHeadend. For this tool, simply snip off the last three zeros (e.g., ‘11471000’ becomes ‘11471’).

Make sure TVHeadend and ONDD services is stopped before you run the calculated command. You also need to be root in order to run it.