Online Othernet Feed

If I wanted to view the up to date Othernet image, as in the daily updated information feed not the OS boot image, is there a site on the internet where I could view that without equipment receiving the Othernet signal? There was one link to midnightchannel I found digging in the forums but it is dead now

You may view mine at:



You can also look at mine at in Washington. Ken


On both servers I can only go so far in interactions, for example listing APRS/ARISS messages, but can’t actually go beyond that andread those messages, same for news and other things.
Is this just a limitation of a guest login?
I figured I might as well get used to the interface and features online until I can set up my own station.

You should be able to read them. Admin access only allows one to change terminal settings.

Wikepedia should look like this

The news should look like this

Messages should look like this image

I can view the Wikiedia as well, but for APRS I cant read the contents of the messages, though other than ISS BBS or ALOHANET(really just ham AX25 same as APRS radio data protocol) I have not ever seen much messaging in the wild(USA) beyond position reporting or weather. That said can you read the message contents?

Just curious, is the radio feed archived VOA1 radio or is that live stream?

For messages I find it is
sometimes easier to go to the file manager folder
home:////downloads/Amateur Radio/APRS/APRSAT

and double click on the *.txt file to display the message in a textpad (like notepad) viewer

Most of the aprs are just blank-testing from ke7wwt-1 automated message, but anything that i-gated
with the outnet in the message or the address it will show up. usually about a 10 minute delay.

look for message sent at 15:01 GMT

edit— resulting file received

Try my

I just rebooted it. Ken