Only US Satellite sending?

Hi Group

Today I noticed that my Dreamcatcher hat lost lock. As usual I suspected the active antenna had stopped working and did try unplugging and plugging it in again. No success. So I powered the Dreamcatcher off and on again to completely reset the bias tee etc. Still no success.

After more trying I had a look at

Well, no-one in Europe and Asia apparently is receiving a signal. Has the service been discontinued on the non American face of the world?


It has been like this for several days now. I think it’s about time we get an explanation from the team.


I don’t think Outernet got Europe and Asia back yet based on this Status Report. I am receiving well off Americas near Washington, DC.

Ken in Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Yes no signal in Western Australia hasn’t been for days now

Yes! +1 on a decent explanation, please team…

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Hello from Paraguay, South America, pointing to the 98W the last downloaded file was on date 24 …

yes, same me here in Oz (down since night of 24-25) but they say 98W is working fine and the issue is “only” with 25E and 144E, so you should be ok…
Humm, the thlot pickens…
Love to know what’s REALLY going on… maybe 98W hit a bump on the road and he Outerner dish jumped 45deg to the North… or more of Trump’s isolationism perhaps?, to “make Merika relevant again”…?
Nah, please forgive this expression of mild frustration…

sorry, my mistake, I’ve been out (144W down) since the night of 20-21 Sep…

another mistake: APAC=144E(ast…)

I know why… Credit Card expiration ! :slight_smile:

I’ve mentioned in the past that we have been renegotiating our lease with Inmarsat. Well, we are still in the process. APAC and Alphasat are both supposed to come back online while we work through the details, but with new frequencies, which we are waiting on.

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Thanks for the update!

i’m on 98w, receiving packets, millions of packets, a wikipedia transfer completed within the last hour, however; no new news from any channel since 24th, (four days). What’s up with that?

Concur in your observation on Ameircas 98W. No new New here in Annapolis, MD, since 09/24 on any RSS news feed. Ken

@kenbarbi , check now.

98w news packets are arriving now, thanks.
Maybe one day add Amateur Radio Newsline…

Good news, some files have been downloaded today :rocket: :tada:

G’day Syed,
thanx for the update… say, when you get the new frequencies and let us know, is it just a matter of editing the “freq” value in /etc/skylark_config.json and rebooting?

That should work, or you can use the tuner app under custom settings

News is back on Americas 98W - - thank you @Abhishek Ken