Order Status/Delays

Hello, I got tracking info a week ago for Order #2107 but tracking still indicates that it has not shipped. Can someone provide a status on my order?

I emailed support a few days ago but haven’t heard back, so I posted here.


Andrew - KI7FWU

Hi Andrew, we just sent a you response after looking into this issue.

USPS picked up your package along with a number of other orders, but none of them were scanned into the system. We followed up with the post office main help line and found out that during the busy holiday season, rushed employees just put packages in the right truck without scanning each individual item. As a result, tracking information for the unscanned packages isn’t updated in the system.

We’re trying to get in touch with our local office to find out if anything can be done about this, but there’s not much we can do to change the way USPS operates. Unfortunately, this may be a problem we run into all month. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Thank you for the quick reply, just happy to know it’s on the way.

May want to look into “shipping manifests” for USPS. They scan in one barcode to register the whole shipment at the pickup.

Looks like the tracking has updated now. It still looks like there was a large delay in getting an email notification of the item shipping to when it really shipped. One suggestion would be to update the initial email to communicate that a shipment is being prepared and then a followup once the package arrives at the carrier. (or set a standard delay to account for order packing time).

It appears you are generating a shipment notice to the customer as soon as the label is created or “reserved” and not when the packaged leaves. The order prep and packing would account for the delay. Just a suggestion. I will follow up with the carrier to understand if there was a delay on their side, this could still be a carrier issue and not a fulfillment issue. I look forward to my order and to get outernet up and running!

I ordered last night, 12/6/2016. When can I expect delivery?

k5ted, I think it’s hard to track where your order is so soon. Also the holiday’s tend to be pretty busy for both outbound supply chain & carriers. To give you perspective, I ordered on 11/28 and will get my order on 12/8.

@cyoung Thank you for the manifest tip. This should definitely help.

@aograin You’re right that it’s a busy time for carriers - I visited the local post office and they are overrun with packages. I’m certain that this is slowing shipments, because I was surprised that your delivery estimate was 12/8 when we shipped so long ago.

@k5ted We typically ship between 2-3 days after we receive an order, depending on how many orders we have coming in (by ship, I mean the package is physically picked up by USPS). Calculating delivery time is difficult because there are so many factors involved (distance, how busy the post office is, weather, etc).

For everyone’s reference, the email with tracking information is usually sent the day before the packages are picked up, so there is a short delay before the tracking information is updated, even when the post office is being good about scanning packages.

Our small team is doing our best to improve our fulfillment and shipping process, thanks everyone for your patience!

@rachel Thanks for the update, all of you are doing a great job.

Hi. Request number 104658 has not arrived yet. The request was made 3 months ago. I did not get the shipment tracking number. Address: Saudi Arabia. Eastern Region. Jubail Industrial Area. Email. [email protected]. Shaher alotaibi. I want to restore my money.