Order Tracking on shop

Hi there,

Having ordered a kit for the shop, I could not find any way of tracking the progress of the order.
Or to track where it is?

Is there a way to track the parcel ?

Steve - EI2GYB

I got an email with the UPS tracking number on it.

You should have received a tracking number. When did you place the order?

hi Syed,

The order was placed on 17th Nov
We got an email confirming the order but there is no tracking info on the email
just the details of the purchase / costs

Steve Homer (EI2GYB)

Can you send me the order number?

yaaaaay its arrived today, All got here in great condition & just having a play with it before doing my video
Getting about 7 to 8 db on the inside of the window :slight_smile:

good stuff

You lucky people with your south-facing windows with unobstructed views of the sky…

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Im using the Alpha Sat at 25 East
with a huge mountain in the way :cry:

So we are not all that lucky :wink:

do you have any tips to find the right direction? My outernet reciever arrived today, but i wasnt able to find the right direction (SNR 0 to 1.2, really unstable).
I also placed it in front of a window facing to the south.

Location: Schleswig Holstein, Germany

Malte, have a look at dishpointer.com ! They show a nice google-earth view of your location with the line of sight to the satellite. Maybe a higher position helps if there are obstacles in the way. This helped me to find exactly the line between two houses uphill!
My antenna sits outside in a Tupperbox and the SNR is about 10.It is supported by a small wooden equilateral triangle.
The satellite is Alphasat 25E, which means a compaas direction of 155 degrees. The elevation is slightly less than 30 degrees above the horizon (at my location near Cologne it is 29,5).

Good luck, Wolfgang

You might also want to try to get your azimuth bearing with a real compass (old school orenteering) rather than a digital one built into a cell phone.