Original Indiegogo investor-where's my device?

I never received my device and other folks on this forum have raised the same issue and we are all being ignored.

Please advise immediately!

The original “Lantern” design had to be changed as it was unrealistic that it would ever work as it was sold to us on IGG campaign :frowning:

The project is still going and Syed Karim now must be an expert in satellite communication :slight_smile:

There has not been any update on IGG website for 3y :frowning:

but development of

OS = Skylark
Board = Dreamcatcher 2 / v3.03 / v3.05 / 4
LNB = Bullseye Dual LO

is slowly moving forward :wink:

Please also see a WiKi page
Wiki Pages for Othernet Dreamcatcher

Like you and others, I am still waiting … and it may be this year or the one after :slight_smile: