ORx reception status and other updates

Hello everyone,

Sorry for not keeping up to date with events on this forum. We’re currently pushing hard for our first device prototypes so not much wiggle room.

ORx reception status

Unfortunately, ORx devices are currently most likely not receiving any files. We had to modify the transport stream to accommodate for OTA updates for one of our products, and ONDD update for ORx is behind schedule.

New ORx image

Related to previous item, we’re working on a new image, based on Buildroot, which will have mechanisms for OTA updates itself, so our decision was to postpone any updates to current ORx setups until that’s done. It’s about 70% there, and there’s a couple of more things before we release the first alpha image, as well as complete set of scripts that would allow you to replicate the same image with or without modifications.

The new image will no longer use TVHE for tuning, but will instead provide its own (more reliable) interface. It will also be significantly smaller (current snapshot is 100MB uncompressed, and 34MB gzipped), and will automatically expand the filesystem to span the entire card on first boot. Not sure if it’ll make it into alpha release, but it will eventually have support for hotplugging external storage units.

We will support this image on Raspberry Pi, as before, though other development boards also present viable targets. We will plan for a wider support once alpha is out.

We may continue updating the install scripts on GitHub, but that’s not decided yet. In the even that we stop updating them, we will keep them there if people want to maintain them, though.

ONDD for x86

I’m also happy to that, yes, it’s definitely on our TODO list. I’ll post more once we’ve done initial testing.

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