ORxPi and Lighthouse Content with Librarian v1.1.dev1 / Lighthouse 2.0.002

Over the months as new versions of ORxPi and Lighthouse have come out, I have often wondered how much new content is being added - - or how much old content is being resent (which won’t appear as new articles/files)…

With the new version of Lighthouse (Librarian v1.1.dev1 / Lighthouse 2.0.002) first available the week of 7 Dec 2015, I have not seen much new traffic. Only 34 new articles have showed up in the Library, no Tweets, and no MP3 files - - but my system is constantly downloading 4 carousels of files full time. Before, with Lighthouse version 1.4.300, I received about 500 new articles per day which were mostly Project Gutenberg and Wikipedia, many Tweets, and MP3 tracks.

I don’t know if I have a problem or not.

I think it would be beneficial to find out what is being sent to see if the system is delivering content, or is not working correctly. What do you all think? Ken

Ken, I can shed some light on this. Up until the past few weeks, we did indeed have a large amount of content that was broadcasting in loops over the course of a week or two. I’m not certain exactly how much content there was at the moment; i’d have to check.

As of recently, however, we have been broadcasting new content. There was an attempt at uploading a lot of new content not in zip files which ended up stopping the broadcast server. This past week i have been working on fixing our upload tool so that it would not happen, which has involved lots of uploading to the broadcast server. When files are uploaded, due to the way they’re handled, the server does not have time to generate a new set of signaling data as regularly as it did before. I realized recently this has resulted in long periods without signalling data, which could be part of the problem.

Alternatively, FSAL may have gone down, so you could try sshing into the box and doing a /etc/init.d/*fsal restart.

TL;DR I’ve been messing with the files on the broadcast service, so there should be different stuff. Not the same articles as before. Specifically stuff in News/ and World Possible: RACHEL folders/ in the file view.

EDIT: I should say FSAL wouldn’t have gone down, it may have missed the message from ONDD that files have downloaded however.

Thanks Ben - - yes FSAL did go down. I restarted it and 60 new pages (articles) appeared in the Library. I’ll check my Lighthouse later to see what new downloads have occurred. Still don’t have any Tweets or Audio files.

Is restarting FSAL something that has to be done from time to time, or was this just a one time quirk? Ken

It’s not meant to be restarted manually. Can you please obtain the logs from the settings page and post them somewhere?

Ben, just thought I share my appreciation for all the new content you’ve been putting up. The Rachel files will be very useful, and I never even knew there was something like WikiNews. Ken