ORxPi2 2.0.x not booting with tuner attached

Just rebooted Pi from SSH terminal, using reboot command. Everything came back up, fsal seems to be running. Tuner was attached throughout reboot.


Saw it.

In the logs, I see a lot of balance_pgdat errors. I’m not 100% sure what they mean, but I believe it has got something to do with your hard drive. I’ll investigate further. ONDD is not happy with the drive either. Unfrotunately, the version of the firmare you’re using is not patched to obtain FSAL logs. I’ll release a new version in the next couple of hours that is properly patched.

Hey, I think I found the reason why we can’t get the LOCK when booting with the tuner attached.

I started the receiver with a WiFi dongle and HDStar tuner attached. It booted and the WiFi started. Also, the HDStar LED turned to RED. I logged into librarian and it indicated the LOCK status and files as being downloaded.

I turned everything off from the power and powered them back up. Receiver started, WiFi started and HDStar led turned to GREEN but not to RED. It indicates NO LOCK. However, librarian started, but no LOCK and files weren’t being downloaded.

I removed the SD card and inserted it to my Windows PC. Windows claimed the card is corrupted. I simply fixed the FAT32 partition by followed the prompted message.
Unmounted and ejected the card from PC. Inserted it to Pi. Amazing! It started and successfully got the signal LOCK. Now files are downloading.

I finally figured out why that happens. Building 2.0.003 right now which should fix the issue.

Thanks :smile:

My Western Digital My Passport Ultra 1 TB hard drive is formatted FAT32. I took it off the system for a while and will see what happens. Ken

Also found these issues in 2.0.002,

  • HDStar tuner loses the LOCK when external storage is plugged. Some times it will automatically go back to the LOCK state after few minutes though some times that never happens.
  • WiFi hotspot gets disabled when HDStar tuner is hotplugged. (I will test this with a Powered USB Hub)

As in hard drive? Pi has a weird setup on their USB hub which prevents devices that draw a lot of current to be used.

No. A 8GB flash drive.

I very much doubt loosing lock is related to storage unless there’s an electrical problem.