Other applications for skylark

Hello all, I wanted to see how everyone would react to a chess game on the dc. I believe it could be done with using very little data. Just something to pass the time while wiki is downloading. I also wanted to know if anyone has been able to view video content from the dc. The main site says that it’s stored for later viewing but I haven’t seen any in the downloads or anywhere else on the directory.
Last topic…has anyone tried to use the dc to send and receive files. It’s seems like it would be a good addition for people who need 3dprints or PDFs. Thanks!

There are (or at least were) games being broadcast. If you post it the othernet team might be willing to send it out.

Video isnt in the bandwidth right now.

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Hi, don’t know if you are an radio-amateur, if yes U can use aprs messages in the D.C. 3 as part of the messages ( e4 - c5) .it is not hard put this few caracters in a message.