Othernet Dreamcatched bugs


As i was reading that beam is actually available for testing over Europe.
I get out the dreamcatcher V3 of the box.

I flashed on SD ( 3 times … ) skylark-dc-v5.5-1901081830.img

And actually none of the browsers on my PC works … i have always -> connection reset by peer and after few trys -> No more sessions available

I changed the value of Firefox about the captive portal , same …
I use a 5Vcc / 2.5 A as USB power adapter.

Network connection has no issue as i can connect over SSH !

How can we fix this error … as i use the last software from January 2019 ( more then 6 months !! ).

A workaround I accidentally found that works for me on Chrome… is that once you get that error message, just let things sit for a few minutes. Then it works. I ended up doing that instead of the documented fixes.

I try too …

All i get is -> n’a envoyé aucune donnée.


I can log on Ipad … anyway i hooked LNB on 23.5 and i do not receive anything too … will wait 1 day to see if data is coming ( i put Dish meter on cable and signal is ok … ).

If nothing popup … will wait september to put it back online.

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Well i never had those bugs with my DC 3.03. To me it sounds like an Network or browser issue @Renaud_Pagin

Did you try resetting Browser Cache or using an incognito mode?

Also if you dont have a lock yet, you will not see data. How should that work?
I’M Receiving the test signal since a few days without any problems wiht a bare LNB indoors behind a window.
Maybe you pointed at the wrong sat? They are very crammed up there and a satmeter beeps on any signal it sees.

Yes i do … and it doesn’t explain why 3 différents browser make the same mistake in AP or Client mode…

Either the link ip public posted on one device is not working…

Informations Informations

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Well, never had that on my DC. YOu said it works on your Tablet, so maybe there is something wrong with your PC? Sounds weird

Yup, i will first remove the antivirus/firewall ( bitdefender ), i disabled all but no success , will remove it & reboot to see …

Never had what you are explaining. Have had it where it seems to be a 50/50 chance if its going to actually connect to my Wifi when I boot Skylark (even with a clean flash and config (flash -> boot -> set client wifi -> reboot)).

That and some graphical glitches in the WebUI (particularly when looking at the tuner status panel) where the top panel will flash an icon each update (fun fact: disconnect the skylark when the tuner status panel is open to flood your page with icons over time).

Otherwise its been mostly bug-free.

I am having the same issue with the software. >> “No more sessions available”

Did the Firefox workaround
Rebooted the browser
Rebooted Othernet
Reflashed the image on the SD card
Tried in IE/Fireox/Opera - no luck
Can ping - ie there is network connectivity
Tried waiting in Chrome as suggested above.

Looking for a fix.