Othernet news feed

I just set up my new hardware and it seems to be working fine. However I did notice something that could be really useful for people that are away from an internet connection. A news feed from the othernet forums. This would let people know if there are any software updates available, known bugs, planned network outages, etc. Basically all the knowledge in the forums could be accessible to everyone using othernet. I already looked into this a little and the forums already have rss capabilities built in.


This would have been useful when L band went down. I spent a week trying to get that thing working.

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Is that an active RSS feed, or a hypothetical? On iOS the link opens up Apple News for some reason.

I’m assuming the forum does produce a proper RSS feed. That’s a good idea. We should be able to ingest it like any other news feed we have.

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Yes that is an active feed. I assume ios redirects rss feeds to apple news. If you open that link on an android or pc it will open an Xml file.

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This one could be good to go into Twitter/ Facebook via Ifttt or similar

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