Othernet Radio Streaming over LAN


Hi all -

Is there any way or plans in the future to stream Otherner radio via the LAN? I’m really loving the content - but my receiver is tucked in a location that doesn’t make speakers / headphones convenient.

In the mean time…I may partner it with an openwrt box to capture and stream the audio via a USB DAC…but that seems like a poor long term solution.

Thanks for all you do!


Please stay tuned.


Pun intended? Thanks @Syed


I use an FM transmitter to extend the range of the othernet. It allows me to listen when I am doing chores around my property.

This will work in a house:

This will extend your range a lot further, but may not be legal where you live:



Wow the EBay device will knock your socks off :rofl: at $100 plus.


I bought mine for about $45. I am in a valley, so my signal doesn’t travel very far. But I have tested it with a ground plane antenna on high power and was able to reach 15 miles with it. Might come in handy someday in an emergency situation.