Othernet Radio Streaming over LAN

Hi all -

Is there any way or plans in the future to stream Otherner radio via the LAN? I’m really loving the content - but my receiver is tucked in a location that doesn’t make speakers / headphones convenient.

In the mean time…I may partner it with an openwrt box to capture and stream the audio via a USB DAC…but that seems like a poor long term solution.

Thanks for all you do!

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Please stay tuned.

Pun intended? Thanks @Syed

I use an FM transmitter to extend the range of the othernet. It allows me to listen when I am doing chores around my property.

This will work in a house:

This will extend your range a lot further, but may not be legal where you live:


Wow the EBay device will knock your socks off :rofl: at $100 plus.

I bought mine for about $45. I am in a valley, so my signal doesn’t travel very far. But I have tested it with a ground plane antenna on high power and was able to reach 15 miles with it. Might come in handy someday in an emergency situation.

An observation… some audio is already “sent over the LAN”. When I start the browser page on Skylark I get 4 or 5 tone startup in the computer speakers. Just thinking… it’s already cooked into the operating system.

True. I’d imagine that’s part of OS.js or whatever front end outernet is using. I’d assume the browser UI has media playing capabilities…but wether or not the plumbing is in the software to pipe the live stream and encode it is another question…

Happy thanksgiving all!