Othernet Satellite Radio in Europe


If I understand correctly, Othernet Satellite Radio for Europe is not offered permanently. Is that right?

Is this service offered sporadically or are there specific transmission times?

Thank you

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Hi Robert,

you can Receive Othernet in Europe 24/7 since a few Months ago. You only need a Dreamcatcher Receiver including a normal LNB and a View to Astra 3B.

Audio is 1h on / Off at the moment.

regards from germany,

Correct - the audio service in EU operates on a 1-hour-on, 1-hour-off schedule.

But the change is not made at the full hour - is it?

Nope, i think like :45 or so. But i don’t have anything official about that sadly

Hey Guys!
Can i contact Othernet by email??

For Astra 3B can you tell me the Latitude and Longitude for the signal.

How should that work? The Satellite is in Orbit, so the Azimuth and Elevation is needed to be calculated by your Position on Earth. So without knowing where you are oN Earth i can only guess :stuck_out_tongue:

I Recommend you use the Calculator i programmed in the past that ships with your Dreamcatcher.

Or just go online and use a Online Calculator like https://www.dishpointer.com/


Hi thank I just look at these calculators and I think I will be able to get a connection. I used Sat Catcher.