Othernet shipping problem

Syed, so my order received from Othernet, the shipment from Othernet for the equipment I ordered.

I can provide proof of my bill if you wish?

But extremely disappointed because the box was trashy and most importantly the following condition::

My order was for quality equipment was.

  • NOT RECEIVED satellite dish container - black plastic case
  • No assembly manual
  • the lossy peace
  • missing parts
  • broken parts
  • used looking peace’s
  • missing parts

It seem I received someone else’s used and beat up equipment. Trash?

After paying the taxes and import fees $58.00 (expected) for a bill of $120.00. I truly did not expect beat-up and broken equipment.

Please explain how you are going to correct this situation. I am prepared to ship back the equipment.

I would like a refund for this unusable equipment, (broken, missing, damaged)

(1.) please explain ?



This is an example of the equipment I ordered

Instead received someone else beat-up and missing parts, broken, etc.

image image image image

Here is a picture of the shipping box. I was shocked when received. Disappointed.

I did not order used or budget equipment. I understood it was “new equipment”.

I could have walked down the street a half mile and purchase NEW IN THE BOX equipment.

Yes the box is just the outer shell of the equipment … and not important… however or but (missing, broken, damaged) content received.

These are the 35cm dishes that were sold to everyone else on the thread. I was getting rid of old test equipment. I don’t believe I advertised that particular dish you posted, because I only have one of those which I still use.

This is a customer support issue. You can of course post whatever you like in the forum, but it’s best handled over email: [email protected]

By the way, that’s not a broken dish. It’s just not assembled. The others with it has no problem putting it together.

Well I’ll be damned. Apparently I did have a bunch of those antennas in the plastic case. I also got rid of about ten of the lower quality ones. My mistake—sorry about that.

It doesn’t make sense to ship this back. I’ll refund you the payment.

Okay look today I noticed the transaction of a total refund. I EXPECT the total refund is to identify guilt.

I had hoped acknowledgment of the quality and service from “Othernet.io

The reason I purchased was because expectations of quality, I did not understand and no where was it mentioned I was spending my money for garbage and trash.

The post ordered from started and identified another unit and another model.

I had hoped for a professional reply. Identifying a mistake.

My post was to identify my concerns of the trash received !!!

I am NOT … NOT going to split words(.sp) and skirt the issues.

It is “broken”, the unit is unusable, and can’t be used as parts are broken and missing.

I am NOT going to split words and skirt the issues.
THANKS** I will “humble pie” to say, Thank you for the refund. As mentioned will split the difference (only) for the trash dish you sent.

Now here is the Fact.

Is the belief that I would pay for broken and used equipment across countries, with fees and cost double …… double the cost I expect to pay for “Import Fees”, so as doubling the cost for broken equipment and believe this is acceptable.

The point of my post was the box and equipment was prepared, packaged up and boxed by someone as show in the pictures.

Sent as an order so knowingly packaged.

I am not interested in a full refund on all the equipment.

The broken dish is useless and will be sitting in the TRASH by the curb for the next few days before garbage pickup.

This because I paid for some parts that I am interested in and the LNB @$30.00 were new I expect.

Okay this is completed.

I WILL now send back all but the cost of the unused and broken, missing parts dish. I Will absorb the cost.

All other fees/taxes/shipping associated with this transaction I will obsorb except for the dish.

Explaining it is not assembled in shipping is unclear, as maybe I would not understand a dish is unassembled during shipping. OR “putting together” adding screws is my/the concern?

This is a perfect example of denial to my concerns.

Maybe (.sp) the belief is the shown picture is done by me, after waiting two weeks for shipping.

Fact:: the customer experience is more than just this one example. The entire experience.

This has all offered an eye opening experience.


(1) I have changed the title of my post, because I am calling this (update now) a mistake in shipping.

(2) I have also waited a week to process payments as I expected some ramifications and replies, backlash concerns. Happy none

(3) I may delete this post as I feel it will be a distraction and add no value to others that may want to get help from this website.

Although my issue and concerns were disappointing.