Othernet Status Screen

Just wondering about the Othernet Status Reports at https://status.othernet.is/

Currently, I have 2 receivers running - - one looking at the satellite and the other in the house not looking at the satellite. I have a respectable SNR of -1.5 dB looking at the satellite with Frame Lock. On the other device, I have no signal - - presumably SNR way low and no Frame Lock.

Status Report SNR shows (the 2 balloons over NYC):

on%20line Seemingly good signals.

Status Report Frame Lock shows (the 2 balloons over NYC):

frame%20lock Clearly no lock on one device.

So my natural question is - - What’s up “pussy cat”? And oh yes, what’s going on in South Carolina with the red balloon? Ken

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I think I may have come close to the answer to this dilemma which may be a bug for @Abhishek to fix.

If you take a DC terminal (not seeing a satellite) out of the local client network after it is turned on and not reporting correctly, to a good location where it has acquired the satellite, then bring it back - - it will not report correctly.

What do you think @Abhishek


missed this post earlier. Yes, the problem is the radio stats are updated when, and only when, a packet is received. If you stop receiving packets, the stats continue to be frozen to whatever they were at the last packet received.

Its on the list of things to fix.


Don’t forget that when a receiver is turned on not looking at a satellite (as my second receiver is over NYC), and never having received any packets - -


it is showing green (meaning an SNR higher than -13 dB) when effectively I would think it should be reporting an SNR well below the red limit of -16 dB.