Outage: North America Beam - 14th Oct 2018

The North Americas beam is currently offline as the modem died. We are working on it. I will post further updates here, in this thread.

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I noted no signals at about 0000utc (saturday night). It is a little confusing how that telemetry “status” website shows a mix of red/yellow/green for both snr and lock when no-one is actually getting a signal. I did a re-write of my OS sd data thinking it was a problem with my receive end, even changed out to my spare dreamcatcher. Then went to bed and figured I’d troubleshoot in the morning.

Thank you for posting an informational status report today.

I’ll be traveling to the teleport tomorrow to replace the faulty equipment.

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What kind of modem died ? A internet modem or another type?

It’s a piece of equipment that we’ve built for uplinking to the satellite.

I know it’s probably sensitive site to take pictures… but if you can, snap some picture for us geeks of the teleport and maybe some of the hardware? We’d love to see it @Syed


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The beam is up again.

We may have to take it down again at some point to complete repairs, but its up for now.

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Get any fun pictures? :slight_smile: You can even blur out sensitive stuff :wink:


before modem fail i was not getting 100% packet, since modem replacement i am getting great snr. --FYI–