Outernet and the freedom of the peoples

As many of us must know, there is a bunch of corporations that just manage the information in order to mantain the statu quo of the capitalist class and their politicians, and keep away any revolutionary thinking in the mass. On the other hand, we have popular dictatorships that have become repressive dictatorships in order to “protect” the revolutions and have throw away all the reivindications on the human rights and freedom that they defended.
Since the globalization process started in the 70’s and 80’s, and since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the principal capitalist superpowers made us think that all the problems were going to be solved with the massification of information. This was a big lie, the superpowers extended their domain with neocolonial politics and subject the poor countries to their domain politically and economically.
I see this proyect as a way to give a voice to the opressed, and a way to really connect all the people in order to release the information from the corporative control of the optic fiber. Also, the relation with the GNU politics is a big step in the global conception of free information and freedom itself.
Once all the people have access to information, there will be no State, no economic group, no corporation, that could shout the outcry of freedom.
I think this proyect should not surrender to the pressure of any of these groups, allies of the capitalist class, the opressors, and enemies of the working class, and freethinkers. We are seeing at one of the biggest steps of contemporary human history, and i think that this will be the first step in the peoples freedom, as the releaser of all the information as it happened in all the great revolutions of the history: the Protestant Reform, the French Revolution, the American process of independency, the French Community, the Russian Revolution.

Greetings from Argentina, with all my support.