Outernet available in the U.K.?

Hi there does anyone know if I can buy the outernet system in the U.K.? Or does it need to be purchased online and shipped from the US?


you can in theory get all the bits from sources in the UK , the only thing that you cant get is the patch antenna

I bought mine from the US, and got bitten badly by the tax man… and the “collection fees” that carrier charged :frowning:

  1. the SDR - the one supplied from RTL-SDR.com is a temperature stabilised RTL-SDR… I don’t know what could replace that , but you may get one locally.
  2. The CHIP is only available from the manufacturer in the US ( or from Outernet)
  3. The LNA is a special one that is not as wiiiiiide as most, … An “LNA4ALL” or similar will probably amplify local interference
  4. the patch antenna - you can make this, or you can make a Helix in 30 mins (see a tread on these forums)

The bottom line is , it would be best if you CAN buy the kit, but unless you can get Outernet to send all the parts separately, and label them as “components” (Hint… hint @syed ) you will be charged and extra 20% plus the (at least ) £13 collection fee

We need to find someone in the UK to stock the kits as inventory to make it easy over here!