Outernet: Contact us

The best way to stay connected with Outernet, aside from this blog, is to subscribe to our newsletter. We send it about once a month.

If you have a response to one of our posts or have something you think we would be interested in posting, please send it to us. If it is something you want posted, please be your own first line editor and ask yourself the following:

- Am I submitting something that the wider Outernet community would be interested in seeing?

- Is it written in grammatically correct and proofread English? Unfortunately, we do not have the capability to edit and post content in any other language at this time. The Outernet service itself will not be subject to such constraints, but the blog is.

- Is the writing or photography original? We cannot post work that violates copyright law.

Is the answer "yes" to all three questions? Amazing.

Send it to [email protected]

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