Outernet Contents

Dear all,

My current setup is running on RS Pi 3 with Libarian 5.1

currently I receive ONE file at a time is it a problem because I saw a youtube video about Outernet and the guy was receving 3-4 file at the same time.

Plus is there a limit of downloaded data because in the website it is limited to 20 MB of data per day.

Lastly how can I check the throughput I receive from the Satellite to my recevier.


Extra question

Dose Rasbperry or CHIP has any limits on number of devices connected to their hotspot ?

I’m not sure about the Pi 3, but the CHIP should not have a hard limit on the number of clients.

Yes, since the bandwidth is so narrow, we delivery only one file at a time now. We’ve been doing this for awhile now. I’m not sure what the guy in the Youtube video was downloading, but it may have been an unusual circumstance.

At most, we broadcast 20MB of content per day. In Librarian there may be an indicator that shows the bitrate. It is located in the first tab of the Dashboard–I think.



Is there a timeline for the broadcast and if its possible to share it.
I want to know what will happen if I exceed the 20MB of data?

There is no set schedule; what comes down comes down. Though there are some patterns. Its not possible to download took much. Whatever you receive is yours to keep–free of charge.