Outernet coverage in Dominican Republic

There is a possible opportunity to establish an Outernet receiver in the Dominican Republic. The coverage map [1] suggests that coverage there might only be “fair”. Has that coverage changed at all – might it be better than fair?

Thanks, Charlie Schweik

[1] https://wiki.outernet.is/wiki/File:Coverage_combined.png

Hey, You can receive data either from Galaxy 19 or Eutelsat 113W.

To roughly calculate the required dish size, please use http://www.satbeams.com/footprints

Thanks! I am mainly concerned that the Dominican Republic falls roughly on the edge of the good and fair in that Outernet coverage map so I’m wondering what the reception performance will be like.

Did you check with the satbeams?

Galaxy 19 (97W) -Requires 90cm dish / 44.4 dBW

Eutelsat 113 (113W) - Requires 80cm /46 dBw

Please check with your exact geographical location using satbeams. However add 10-20 cm to the result for better reception. I’m using 90 cm dish and receiving data at 90kbps.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll investigate! Thanks – do you like to be called “Pradeeka”? Appreciate your advice! Charlie

Yeah. Please keep on update about your project work on this thread.

That’s his name. :wink:

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Hi Charlie, I receive off Galaxy 19 in Annapolis, Maryland, with an 80 cm offset feed dish connected to a Quad Invacom QPH-031. My Lighthouse is 100 meters away from my outside installation. I typically receive as shown here:

Please let me know if I can help. Ken Barbi

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