Outernet Coverage

Is the Outernet Service available in my country Papua New Guinea, in the South Pacific Ocean region?


When can it be accessed in the South Pacific Ocean region, if it’s not possible, how can I go about to having it accessible in the region and my country to access Outernet service?

In near future. @Syed only knows exactly.

Ok, thank you very much.

Would love to know when APAC is going to be available, also. With all this interest and people throwing money at hardware, I think we could almost afford to put up our own CUBEsat - rather than waiting for this to happen at a snail’s pace? Even if it wasn’t powered, and needed a dish to operate (super low power tx) - it’d still have plenty of use.

Jacob, you mean CUBEsat for geostationary orbit?

i seriously doubt there would be any geostationary positions available for our cubesat.

But I really like the idea of a Medium Earth Orbit with with 4 or 3 cubesats above the equator gently covering the entire planet. We would need tracking antennas but a simple TV dish and a motor should do.

The use of a “constellation” of medium Earth Orbit like the iridium or sirius XM is a proven concept without the need for high gain directional receive antennas (think the little car-top antennas currently in use). I think those systems like two of the fast moving satellites to be within range and simulcasting so that a smooth hand-off is achieved.

The real downside is the cost of having fifty or so flying in orbits that cover the desired coverage areas. I don’t think little cubesats could generate enough power for an equivalent bandwidth and power to what othernet is currently procuring from the big geosynchronous platforms.

In my opinion, the typical othernet client is a fixed station that can be satisfied with a fixed directional antenna. Although I would like to see it easier to point during initial setup/installation.