Outernet Distribution

Have you thought a way in which pillar could distruibute more widely the outernet signal? I mean, can you share the outernet from one pillar to other places by means of an ethernet(or other) network. That is for example to route internet access to various houses on a village. If used a wifi to ethernet converter and hook it up to a switch, could i have a good performance? how many clients could i have?

Pillar (which is now renamed to Lighthouse) has an ethernet port.

thank you branko for the update. How many concurrent clients can lighthouse support?

The software is generally capable of working with at least 40 concurrent users (that means active at exactly the same time). This is tested with synthetic load, so I’m not sure how many real users it would be able to serve at once, but I imagine a higher figure would be reasonable. Hardware-wise, WiFi may have issues supporting a large number of concurrent clients, but we’re still testing those components, so I don’t have a hard figure.

In the lighthouse you have just released in your webpage, i dont see any mention of the ethernet port, its still available?

Hi Jorge. Yes, it does have an ethernet port. I will add this detail to the description immediately. Thank you for calling this to our attention!

Hi Jorge, on reflection, I’m not going to include it in the description. I think it may be confusing to the average user to see the word ethernet in the context of Outernet. But yes, despite the omission of this detail, it is available.