Outernet for India may provide news from India

I am India based freelance economic/political/external affairs journalist may write for Outernet website which will also going to deliver Intl news and local news worldwide.I am happy to open this offer from my side that I will write for Outernet news platform from India may write as a whole from India topics like political/economic/IT/trade and commerce/agriculture/environment/technology much more will be from India desk for Outernet news section.This is message for founder of Outernet may accept my offer and give me assignments as soon as he launches outernet worldwide June 2015.

Anil Kumar Upadhyaya
freelance journalist
email: [email protected]

Hi Anil,
It feels weird to revive a 386 days old topic in the outernet age, cause that’s a hell lot of time here!! It’s great to see an indian at every nook and corner of the world.
I would like to share and volunteer the same with you.

[email protected]