Outernet for pc-dvb users

hi.i am nader from iran.i have -technisat skystar usb hd- device and i used opensky.net one way satellite internet by this steps(years ago):
1.install device on pc.
2.install driver BDA.(i tested on win 8 x64 ,recommended windows 7)
3.install setup4pc(free dvb data service software for my device/i tested it on many dvb cards too.(recommended windows 7)
4.insert opensky account detail in setup4pc, include:pids-frequency symbol rate.
5.create internet connection as vpn connection.(for ex:opensky vpn address is :sdr.eutelsat.net)
then login and connect to internet.
so now i want to use outernet by my device on pc.
is any possible way or any software?

I’m working on a VirtualBox image right now for this very purpose.

@NaderAlipour Thanks for the interest. As a bit of additional information, you will not be required to enter account details for Outernet (like you did for Opensky) because we are a free-to-receiver service.

hi.thanks for reply.
i am ready for testing your solution in any time.
good luck:D


i use https://sites.google.com/site/skynetr32/index for satfish (get data from tp of a sat , rebuilding files)

it do not need the ip tool from you card.

here img of the program https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7694/16838156597_6c1747d7f0_o.png

the configuration can be complicated.

config https://sites.google.com/site/skynetr32/skynethowto