Outernet for Review

Hey team! I am a 14-year-old Autistic boy named Justin Walters!

I was wondering if I could get an Outernet setup for review on my YouTube channel! Unfortunately, I have an amount of $0.00, so all I can pay you with is the review.

Waiting for a reply here!

By the way, I do a radio show called Justin Says, and if I could get this product for review, that would be great.

There are some people that have set up their Outernet devices for public access.

Here’s the first one I found. http://obereip.selfhost.de/

I imagine that would probably be your best bet in order to experience Outernet without a device yourself.

I am wanting to contact the Outernet team about this!

And, I need internet for it! I want a true outernet experience!

Good luck with that quest. I’m sure they’ve already seen your messages.

Well then, if they have seen them, why won’t they reply? There is yet another reason why I am doing this: So that I can inform people about alerts around the area.

Just waiting here!

Are you sure you understand what the purpose of the device is? You mention you want internet for it and you mention you want it for alerts, but really it does not provide either of these things… You should use the public URL that was previously sent to see what it is really doing in terms of what data it receives. (It is NOT internet, it cannot SEND any data, only receive predetermined data.)

Ask your subscribers to fund the purchase of the Outernet Rx kit and also write a script or a list of topics, to help keep your thoughts in order. You ramble on too much. Also you would need to generate hundreds of sales, too justify the cost of one free sample. You need to understand that the Outernet kit is for people who like to play around with radio and computer projects. You don’t come across as that type of person and that is reflected in your Youtube channel. Time will tell…
I am an aspie and what i say may come across as cold, but don’t take it too hart, see it for what it is, advise and nothing more.

Well, I am trying to rebrand my channel based on my radio show called Justin Says!

@beingthere thanks for chiming in.

Unfortunately, I do not have any subscribers that can give money for this. Syed, the reason why I contacted you via email is because it was of business matter.