Outernet for sailors (weather forecast grib files)


Very interesting Ken.

I imagine big ships out at sea underway, would set their autopilot based on a direct course to their destination and therefor the satellite would stay in the same position relative to the ship.

“valid packets over 98 %”
Question is, is 98% of packets enough, to get… say a compressed zip file down?

You say, I assume audio streaming worked well, which is a important use of Othernet.

I am wondering if the large weather files etc would come down in a error free way on a ship.




I should mention that the 98% rate was after the ship changed course by 30 degrees. When I started dead on to the satellite, my rate was 100%.

In any case, with such a slow change, I would think any gyroscopic stabilization would not have to be as quick or complex as say on a Ku band video or high speed data connection as large ships have. Ken


My understanding is Geo-stationary satellites require a 2degree beam accuracy / width or 2 degree spacing when receiving signals from earth so as to limit interference to, satellites on either side of the Geostationary satellite …

We are a satellite receiver with no transmission.

I think flux-gate compass system pointing a Othernet cone with a fixed azimuth for the area on earth the ship is sailing in. Will work fine particularly if you got 100% packet rate, whilst freshly aimed.

For a small boat / sailing yacht i think even with gyro stabilization K(x)band will be hard to achieve in anything above smooth weather.

Possibly if 10 or 20 K(x) Band receiver cones were joined together to create a hemispheric dome antenna pointing upwards. Maybe that would be a cheap way of having a moving / receive only K(x) Band receive antenna on a small boat.


Contract has been signed. EU beam is on the horizon.


Well done Othernet. Glass of Champayne Salute, will be drunk on the Mizzen Deck of all Othernet for sailers. Long Live the EU Beam.


If Ken got signal after a 30degree course change then lets space out our hemishperical Cone antenna farm at 30 degrees.

Back of envelope.
To get 180 less 10 degree for horizon degree coverage we would need 180 degree less 2X10degree= 160 / 30 = 6cone antennas to form a 160 degree arc . so at 30 degree spacing a cone hemmisperical antenna farm would need about approx 30 cones.

If a cone antenna is about $15.00 us then 450 us for a hemispherical mobile coverage on a boat.


Each cone still needs skew adjustment.


When Europe comes up this week, will Abhishek revise Skylark 5.5 or do an OTA update to get the new satellite into the data base of Skylark? Ken


I will make a new release - and depending on how things look, I might make an OTA.
A week or two after EU comes up though - initially, the EU folks will just have to manually configure a custom beam.


Please let them know what to do to get on in the interim. Ken


I will announce the required settings as part of the announcement for the new beam.


Is anyone in Europe (or elsewhere under SES-4 EU) right now–and with a Dreamcatcher 3.03?

Europe, North Africa, Russia, and the Middle East

Sounds like the signal is online?


Yes, though there still may be some adjustments to it.


[quote=“Martin, post:134, topic:1171, full:true”]
Sounds like the signal is online?

Syed Yes, though there still may be some adjustments to it.

Does this mean you will change your name again from “Othernet” to “DUOnet”


In The Netherlands/ Europe with a Dreamcatcher 3/ 5.5 image pointed at [email protected]

Need info on the Freq. and Beam :slight_smile:


Hello Gert - - I presume you have your Dreamcatcher setup. If you followed my guide, the guide does not list SES-4 yet, so I’m thinking you’ll have to do a custom satellite setup. When the “dust settles”, I will be revising my guide accordingly. Ken


Hello @Gert_Fokkema We are finding some issues with reception. The signal is a little weaker than what is available in North America and the MK1 is not able to track it the way we were hoping it would. This will likely require a hardware fix, which is what we are discussing right now. In the meantime, I would like to offer you a refund for your purchase. We are definitely working to resolve the issue, but it may take a bit of time.

I’ll also be following up with other EU customers tomorrow.


Hi @Syed

Thank you for the clear answer and the refund offering.
It still would be great to proceed with the receiption of Othernet here in Europe, even using a new LNB.
Can I be of any assistance testing equipment like LNB, cone, a small dish or any other hardware?

With kind regards,

Gert Fokkema