Outernet for sailors (weather forecast grib files)


@Syed, I am expecting my dreamcatcher to arrive this week and I agree with Gert that it is worth trying to get it working over here. So if I can help in any way please let me know.


Have you or @Gert_Fokkema tried to use the LNB mounted on an offset feed Ku-band antenna Free-to-air (FTA) system?

My portable unit connects to a bare LNB with a 4 " x 2 " x 8 " metallic cone working on SES-2 here in North America. My permanent unit is connected to a Quad Polar Invacom QPH-031 on my 80 cm offset feed Ku-band dish. Both LNB’s have about the same specs, but the 80 cm offset dish really improved my reception here ouside of Washinton DC. Ken


I was looking at the satbeams ku power contours . I receive ses-2 in a region listed as 48dbw in north america. What are the differences for ses-4 ku Europe/middle east , for the 48dbw regions - the elevations seem a lot closer to the horizon … what else could be affecting reception that require hardware changes ???


The carrier we are using is a narrower than the US, which means that the precision of the LNB needs to be better than what is MK1 provides. So you may think you’ve tuned into the signal, but due to the offset, it’s nowhere to be found.

We’re working on a frontend that has much tighter offset tolerance.


I am using a non-pll lnbf and have noticed that I have to custom shift the frequency every time the ambient temperature of the lnb changes before I can start receiving. The ‘lock’ indicator does not seem to satisfy the receiver. Usually if the offset is greater the 100K , I lose all packets.


Yes, this is the problem we will completely eliminate.


Hi @kenbarbi

Got my LNB aimed at the SES-4 @ 22deg. West but still haven’t got the SES-4 Outernet frequency or Beam, so can’t test anything yet.


@Gert_Fokkema: try 11529.7mhz frequency and 183 beam type.
You won’t receive any actual files or audio yet, but should be able to get test packets. Do please report your findings.

Update: beamtype is 165 now, see below.


Hi @Abhishek

thank you for the information.

I will try these setting as soon as I get home (in 4 hours).

Looking forward to catch a signal at 11529.7mhz frequency and 183 beam type.

73 Gert PA3GET


great. And as Syed mentioned - there might be an issue with offset. So if you are properly pointed with the correct skew and everything, and still don’t see any packets, try tuning to frequencies offset by 50khz - i.e, 11529.7, 11529.75, 11529.65, 11529.80, 11529.60, etc. Its best to let the tuner run for a couple of minutes at each frequency setting - so don’t change things too quickly. Once you DO see sufficient packets, the built in Frequency tracking can take care of everything - it just can’t do it if no packets are coming in at all.

Theres not much point in going more than +/- 350khz offset though.

Also note that touching/holding the LNB can dramatically change the offset due to temperature changes, so its best to first get the LNB pointed and mounted right, let its temperature settle down for a few minutes, and then try the offsets without disturbing the LNB at all.


It appears ses-4 has a ku north america beam also. covering everything east of the rockies.

Is othernet possible on that satellite signal ?

From my location it would be at 110 deg. T , elevation 10 deg. skew 42
Pretty low … but maybe…?


might be worth a shot - with a dish if you have one.


The snow is atrocious right now… but I’ll try it later today.
Should I look for beam type 228 with the audio like ses-2 has today, or
the experimental beam type 183 you mentioned in the posts above ?


no, 183 and 11529.7 - same as what I told Gert - all of that applies.

Update: beamtype is 165 now, see below.


@Gert_Fokkema, @ac8dg: I am going to be changing the beam specs of the EU beam for the next hour (1700-1800 UTC). Might be best to not try reception during this. I will update this message when I am done and leave the beam back at 183 at that time so you can try receiving.

Update: I am done with the changes. I found beam type 165 was workable enough on my remote receivers, so I am leaving the beam type at that for now. 165 is a higher bitrate setting, so requires a bit stronger signal, but I think it should still be receivable.

@Gert_Fokkema, @ac8dg, please take note!

Another thing: your Tuner app will show “Stream” as unknown. This is normal, as I am only broadcasting test packets right now.


Quick question - - SatBeams shows 4 separate Ku beam configurations: Europe-Middle East, West Africa, North America, and South America. When you leased space, did you get it in all beam configurations or just Europe-Middle East? It would be great if do your lease gets all 4 areas.

In any event, I have an obstructed view from my offset 80 cm dish, and will check it anyway - -

but I should be able to carry my portable out to a clear sky viewing area. My Elevation would be 18.6 deg, Azimuth (mag) 125.3, skew -45.1. Ken

PS - - it looks like someone is up in Hungary.


Tested with offset 80 cm dish and I have no reception from SES-4. What are other test point results?

Will move to clear area tomorrow with portable unit. Ken


I don’t have a othernet signal… but only 10 deg elevation… lot’s of atmosphere and other stuff to pass through. Checking for other services using the other satellite receiver from ses-4


I did that, and did not see any FTA or encrypted signals either. Again, my view is obstructed and low like yours.

Tomorrow, I’m going to a clear area to see what I see. When I was in Hawaii last year, I had a very low look angel, but a clear sky view and saw SES-2 very well. Ken


Look now we have 2 in Europe - - Ken