Outernet How Work?

Nice Project , but i have some Question …

How this Work ? with lighthouse can i surf Internet like yahoo , Google , all ? i mean is it Internet or with this i can just access library ?

Second Question is What is speed For Download and Upload Data ?

Other Question with just Receiver Dish , How can i Upload to internet ? i dont think That Dish can Upload my Data to Internet ?

Thanks .

It’s just the library. You can see a demo here.

Download around 87kbps, upload 0.

Dish itself doesn’t do anything. You need an LNB as well:

Also some coax cable, a DVB-S tuner and a receiver or a receiver (e.g., ORx Raspberry Pi kit) with integrated DVB-S tuner (e.g., Lighthouse).

Then you would need to find out what satellite you want to tune into, and point the dish that way, and finally connect all the equipment to the LNB using a coax cable. If you’ve never done this before, it’s best to get informed on the web first, or ask someone in your area who already has a working setup.